Granada  1.54.0
Structured layer on top of C++ REST SDK for building server applications in C++. Granada implements sessions, server side plug-in framework, C++ OAuth 2.0 server, data storage access, server script running, server browsing.
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granada::cache::Resource Struct Reference

#include <web_resource_cache.h>

Public Attributes

std::string content_type
std::string content_encoding
std::string last_modified
std::string ETag
std::vector< unsigned char > content

Detailed Description

Web resource Example: content_type => text/javascript; charset=utf-8 content_encoding => gzip content => console.log("content of a javascript resource.");

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<unsigned char> granada::cache::Resource::content
std::string granada::cache::Resource::content_encoding
std::string granada::cache::Resource::content_type
std::string granada::cache::Resource::ETag
std::string granada::cache::Resource::last_modified

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